This program gives you an easy access to all your Google Apps
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TrayOS is a shell that will give you an easy access to all your Google Apps.
Google gives to its users access to a lot of online tools, such as GMail, Google Calendar, Google Notebook, Blogger, iGoogle, Google Reader, Google News, Google Voice, Maps, Docs, Photo and many more.

This program offers you the possibility to access all of them from a single interface.

You can set which services you want to include in the top toolbar, and which ones you want to autostart every time the program starts. It is possible to set TrayOS to autostart on Windows logon.

Through the top toolbar you can access very quickly to each one of your preferred Google App, without the need to open a web page for each of them.

If you close the program´s window, it will stay an icon in the system tray, ready to be activated when you click on it.

You can also access a context menu when pointing to that icon and pressing the right button of your mouse. From that menu you can launch the program, or adjust TrayOS and Internet Explorer´s settings.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free.
  • It gives you access to all the apps really quick.


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